Finishing school? habis sudahh....

Girls Myspace Commentswaaa...soo relieved! now I can close all the windows for LDK..  yippieee... not ah... no different activities from previous Ldk.. we learn, work in group, dance sometimes and laughing all the time.. almost the same. hmmm... I was thinking why they prepared all this thing to us? Even though the input are good but I learned it so many time.. i still remember, Diploma prepared the best finishing school to us! hehee.. miss all that thing.. :(

Someone told me others are doing campfire for their finishing school... wuuuuu... ^_^" bestnyerrr :p .. 
btoii kerrr... share la sikit...

walaupun dah biasa dengan module macam ni, ianya masih lagi tidak ke tahap bosan ya amat.. so.. just enjoy.
The best part is... I met my FB friend but did not recognize him... harrr... What FB just done to us??? Silent communicate? 'berkawan' tapi tidak berkawan... ooo ciannyer... 

But..! the greatest thing is... Miss Nadiah tell us ' i'm only listen to what fairuz (me) say, she talk very clear even i can hear it (far). non of you speak very clear just like her.'

wooo...? The only person who said she hear me clearly when i'm speak! hahaha... thanks miss! ianya menaikkan semangat saya yang kureng english ni.. okay fairuz! you can speak clearly now... just speak!.

Nota kaki : Help me fluent in english....

Nota untuk kamu: cukop-cukop la jeling saya.. adoiii.. dah malu dah ni  

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